15 Of The Most Stunning Pieces Of Wall Art At Target

2023-01-13 12:48:51 By : Mr. Jose Ouyang

Whether you're planning to move into a new home or want to give your current living space an exciting new look, you might be interested in finding trendy wall art ideas for each room in your abode. Of course, depending on your budget, that might involve you spending a small fortune to invest in original pieces. On the other hand, you might want to look for art that is more affordable and potentially more accessible, depending on where you live. If the latter applies to you, then you should remember that Target has a stunning collection of wall art that can be found in-store and online. Although you may not be familiar with the kind of pieces that Target sells, you'll likely be thrilled to find out that those behind the scenes aim to find art that highlights a variety of styles and will suit a wide range of tastes.

"Target's history of partnering with incredibly talented designers and creators lives on with our next installment of the Artist Series – a rotating home décor collection from artists of diverse backgrounds, experiences and techniques," Samara Tuchband, Target senior vice president of merchandising, Home, told Essence. That certainly becomes clear when you take a look at what Target is offering. From colorful abstract art to mist-filled black-and-white forest photography, you could likely find something at Target that you'll want to display in your home proudly. White Shadow Box

15 Of The Most Stunning Pieces Of Wall Art At Target

Although this abstract set features simple layered shapes, it also boasts a distinctively chic flair thanks to the sizable gold sections. Beyond that, both pieces come in subtle beige frames that allow the art to truly stand out. The pair is selling online for $50 and measures 20 inches high and 16 inches wide.

"Many Suns" is a canvas piece by Opalhouse that was created in collaboration with Justina Blakeney's Jungalow. Spanning 24 inches high and 48 inches wide, the contemporary piece has a traditional look thanks to the colorful geometric design. Although the item isn't available in stores, it can be purchased online for $80 and comes in a frame.

"Seaside 4" is a framed canvas piece by Carina Okula, offering you a glimpse of a beachy waterfront. While the striped umbrellas give the artwork an eye-catching aspect, the water, and the sky stretch out in a calming blue color that creates a soothing scene. Sold for $69.99 online, this item is 18 by 23.5 inches.

Rice paper shadow boxes are sold as a set of three matching pieces with their own design. The artworks that are 10 by 10 inches and cost $40 online can be placed in a row horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or in various spots around a room. They can also be put up as squares or diamonds.

The creation of artist Katherine Price, "Abstract Reveal," gives a hint to its aesthetic in its name. An abstract composition that combines lines, shapes, and colors to form a captivating display, it also uses a double matte technique and has been given a frame with a gold finish. At 31.8 by 27.8 inches, the piece costs $89.99 online.

Coming in a light maple-colored frame that suits the tree-filled scene, "Autumn in New York Study III" is a work by Samuel Dixon. A lithograph of the painted cityscape that's been created on canvas, the piece that is sold online for $77.99 is 18 inches high as well as 23.5 inches wide.

An item that could enhance a home with a modern farmhouse vibe or a residence with classic cottage-core décor, "Carmass and Wild Hyacinth" uses touches of gold on a matte black surface to capture the simple floral image. Available online for $62.99, this framed wall art is 23.25 inches high and 16 inches wide.

Opting for a minimalist style in your home doesn't mean you have to ignore the possibility of putting up art. Instead, you can choose something like this black and white floral set that is both subtle and striking. Each 24 by 24 inches and sold online for $70, they can be hung side-by-side or on opposite walls.

Another fantastic option if you're interested in black-and-white pieces, this line art by Viola Kreczmer is sold as a pair. A perfect addition to a bedroom or bathroom, the 18 by 24 inches pieces that cost $109.99 would also be a creative accent to a stylish living room or home office.

Made with circular shells on a light beige canvas-lined background, this shadow box set has a delicate look even though the pair weighs 15 pounds which is rather hefty. Though a little pricier than other options at $178.99, it surely reflects that each 23.5-inch-square piece is made by hand.

"Misty Forest" by Tanya Shumkina is a trio of dreamy images that are digitally printed on canvas paper. Available in various sizes, you can choose from 8 by 10 inches for $212 up to 24 by 36 inches for $398. You can also select between a black or white frame to ensure that it suits your home.

Trees that stretch up toward the cloudy sky and tower over a luscious meadow can be seen in "Golden Acre Wood" by Isabelle Z. Sold in a lightweight frame that has a gold finish that matches the art itself, the piece is 16 by 16 inches and can be purchased for $49.99.

This screen print of "Mid-Century Crocodile" by Rachel Lee is made on canvas using ink that promises to resist fading. That's ideal for this playful piece that boasts a variety of wonderfully bright colors. Framed and ready to go on a wall, the item sold online for $54.99 is 24 inches high and 18 Inches wide.

With calming shades, pleasing patterns, and a cheerful composition, Courtney Prahl's "Boho Sunshine II" could be an artistic accent in your room or the main focal point of a serene space. The framed canvas sold for $102.99 spans 27.75 inches high and 22.50 inches wide.

15 Of The Most Stunning Pieces Of Wall Art At Target

Shadow Frame "Myriam's Garden" is a set of two artworks that are surely named after the illustrator behind the pieces, Myriam Van Neste, an artist from Quebec, Canada, who can now be found working in Vienna, Austria. Collages of flowers and other plant life have been digitally printed; they're each 15.25 inches square and sold for $69.99.